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What Can Cardi B, MF DOOM & Fortnite Teach us About Marketing in the Music Industry

After a 20 year decline in sales, marketing within the music industry is back with a bang having experienced double-digit growth in early 2018, mainly due to advancements in technology which have increased the monetization options on the table for artists and labels. This year, more music has been created and consumed than ever before, more [...]

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Strategic Guidelines For Writing Persuasive Ad Copy

According to Smart Insights, the average Click-Through-Rate for online advertising across all ad formats and placements is less than 2% - but this shouldn't come as a surprise to most marketers. Getting people to engage with advertising is harder than ever before, as most of us have a tendency of ignoring adverts that aren't relevant or [...]

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‘It’s Time To Power Your Life Differently’ OVO Energy Advert Analysis

The debate surrounding climate change has become a divisive issue. As activists and deniers battle it out on the world stage, advertisers are beginning to use the public concern of a possible environmental catastrophe to their advantage. Last month, OVO Energy, the UK's largest independent renewable energy supplier released a powerful ad campaign - a one-minute long [...]

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The Best & Worst of TV Licensing Adverts From The Past

It's official. Almost half of UK adults aged 22 to 45 years old don't watch TV anymore. The old guard media is dying. And in its place has risen a new generation of internet-based media. Instead of paying a TV license, many people nowadays opt to make micro-donations to content creators via platforms such as Patreon, [...]

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Cambridge Analytica: A Peek Inside The One-Stop Marketing Shop For Political Campaigns

https://youtu.be/ZTt8VnrUBt0 Last week, Facebook had £58bn of shares wiped after allegations involving a third party harvesting and sharing millions of user's personal data. The scandal, uncovered by the investigative team at Channel 4, dealt a huge blow to Facebook, but also shined light on a shady entity known as Cambridge Analytica. Who are Cambridge Analytica? Cambridge Analytica [...]

By |2019-06-24T14:11:43+00:00March 27th, 2018|Social Media, Technology|

13 Peculiar Examples of Creative Copywriting in Advertising

For centuries, marketers have known that producing carefully crafted, compelling copywriting has a profound impact on perceptions of their brand. In this article, we've curated some of the most peculiar examples of how creative copy is used to in tandem with big brand advertising campaigns. DUREX (2016) The shock election of Donald Trump in 2016 provoked [...]

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How Augmented Reality Will Shape UX Design

https://youtu.be/XAap-SETnlo Back in 1990, Boeing researcher Tom Caudell first coined the term 'Augmented Reality' when he used it to describe a digital display unit that helped airline pilots navigate the skies. Since then, the technology has come a long way. And it's no secret that AR is literally transforming the way we see ourselves and the [...]

Decentralising The Music Industry: An Exclusive Interview With The OPUS Foundation

https://youtu.be/yzzcoxTil1I How do you listen to your music? I'll take a guess and say you're using a streaming platform such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. But what most people don't know is that when you pay your monthly fee for these streaming services, up to 80% of the artist's revenue is deducted. Whilst bigger artists, [...]

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Are Autistic Individuals More Likely To Make Rational Purchasing Decisions?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FNyPsJ_ejM There has been little research into the effects of marketing and advertising on individuals with developmental disorders such as Autism. However, a new study by the Association of Psychological Science suggests that those with Autism are more likely to tune out from advertising, resulting in more consistent decision-making as a consumer. The study goes on [...]

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Thinking Behind WeBuyAnyCar.com’s ‘So Schofield’ Ad Campaign

Phillip Schofield. Most notably the television presenter of ITV's This Morning and game show host of The Cube. And now, the new face of WeBuyAnyCar.com. The multi-channel ad campaign, created and directed by ad agency Brothers & Sisters, was rolled out late last year on TV, radio and social media. The first in a series of [...]

4 No-Fail Tips For More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns offer unique advantages in a marketing strategy that can increase consumer engagement, raise brand awareness and encourage sales. Everyone checks their emails, but not every email gets read. How to bridge the gap between sending emails and receiving a response can be tricky, but not impossible. Before you even begin sending emails, be sure [...]

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Netflix Takeover Tube Station With Riveting Ad Campaign For Latest Series Of Black Mirror

The worst is yet to come. That's the message that was plastered all over the walls of an East London tube station to promote the latest release of the Netflix hit-series Black Mirror. Every single advertising board on Old Street station was taken over with cryptic messages that served as teasers for each of the six [...]

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What Does The FCC’s Decision To End Net Neutrality Mean For Marketers?

Net Neutrality has been a topic of vigorous debate for a few years now. But none more so than recently, when the FCC voted to scrap the legislation enacted in 2015 that requires internet service providers in the U.S. to treat all web traffic equally. In case you're not familiar with the concept of Net Neutrality, [...]

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Coca-Cola Steps Up Experiential Marketing Efforts By Offering A Night’s Stay In The Iconic Christmas Truck

Besides Michael Buble coming out of hibernation, you know it's getting close to Christmas when the Coca-Cola truck reappears on our TV screens. But this year, the world's largest beverage company has stepped up a gear by offering fans the opportunity to win a night's stay in the big red truck. During the sleepover, guests can [...]

By |2019-06-24T14:32:42+00:00November 28th, 2017|Advertising, Branding, Experiential Marketing|

Your Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2019: Theory & Practice

Influencer Marketing has been a massive talking point in the past couple of years. And as Google's search data illustrates, it's global popularity is at it's highest level since records began. As brands continue to look for new ways to grab our attention, it makes sense that Influencer Marketing has taken a front-seat in 2019. In [...]

Bud Light Parodies Cliché Millennial Lifestyle With Latest Ad Campaign

Bud Light has artfully trolled the cliché aspirations of 21st-century Millennials with their latest TV ad - and it's hilariously accurate. The ad, which was apparently filmed on a beach in the UK, features a group of hipsters living their so-called 'bohemian' lifestyles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o57XyzUA-5Q ? Super cool girl, aspirational friends Lifestyle ad with bud light at [...]

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