It’s official. Almost half of UK adults aged 22 to 45 years old don’t watch TV anymore. The old guard media is dying. And in its place has risen a new generation of internet-based media.

Instead of paying a TV license, many people nowadays opt to make micro-donations to content creators via platforms such as Patreon, rather than paying for TV channels they don’t watch.

But for many that still own/watch TV, you’re told that you must pay your TV license or face a hefty fine. And there’s nothing quite like a threatening advert to inject fear into our hearts and coerce us into paying up.

Over the years, there has been a variety of adverts commissioned by TV Licensing, some of which use interesting scare tactics, and some of which can only be described as darn right amusing.

So without further ado, here’s a short video featuring the best and worst of TV licensing adverts, spanning from 1978 right up to the last part of this decade. Enjoy.