Ethan Marrell, AKA Ozzy Man is one of the internets favourite comedians. Popular for his hilarious ‘Ozzy Man Review’ videos, Ethan has gained over 6 million Facebook followers and 1.6 million YouTube subscriptions since starting a few years ago.

Ozzy Man makes a living by posting videos of his satirical commentary on everything from funny animal videos to the latest edition of the iPhone. But now it looks as though he’s landed himself a voice-over job for the latest Samsung S8 Advert in the UK.

For anyone that has seen his videos, the voice is unmistakable. With lines like “Yeah, nah, yeah you’ve got the world traveler thing totally covered”, his voice-over retains the style we’ve become familiar with on his other videos – just with less swearing and shit.

In recent years, Australian-made humour seems to be somewhat trending among the younger generation in the UK, with independent content creators such as James Dezarnaulds and his famous ‘Gary the Goat’ and Jarrad Wrights’ ‘The Big Lez Show’ surging in popularity.

This, combined with a seemingly growing obsession with travelling among millennials could explain Samsung’s timely decision to use Ozzy Man for this specific TV advert – which incidentally, looks to be targeted at aspiring millennial travellers.

But it also reaffirms that the prize for creating remarkable content and building a sizable, engaged and loyal community on social media is huge. Nice job Ozzy Man.