As cannabis legislation continues to lean towards decriminalisation and legalisation at a global scale, the opportunities for marketing in the industry are about to explode.

Despite having to grapple with the age-old stigma surrounding cannabis and the monolithism of generations gone by, attitudes are changing rapidly.

According to a recent poll, 51% of the UK public support full legalisation of cannabis, with a further 82% of people backing decriminalisation for medicinal use.

Innovation doesn’t care for intransigence. Hence, the commodification of cannabis charges full-steam ahead as it continues to prove it’s worth as a commercial and industrial product.

Continued advancements, particularly in the medical and manufacturing sectors, will likely act as an agent of change in overcoming legislative hurdles the industry faces.

In the world of advertising, marketers have been forced to navigate the strict and narrow parameters that cannabis prohibition has set out for them.

Tech giants have rejected advertisement of cannabis-related products on their platforms in the interests of reputational management and legal compliance.

The lack of advertising options has placed more emphasis on best practice SEO techniques, content marketing, influencer relationships and affiliate marketing.

But as legislation is relaxed, attitudes will inevitably follow suit. And when this happens, one would presume that tech firms such as Google and Facebook will begin to allow ads for cannabis products.

This will open the floodgates for more innovation. More innovation will bring more products. More products will require more marketing. And more marketing will create more jobs. You get the picture.

This will mark an unprecedented opportunity for marketers and advertisers across the globe.

When will it happen? It’s hard to say. But one thing is certain: we are fast approaching a cultural, political and economic shift with cannabis worldwide.

With the global cannabis market forecasted to surpass the $30 billion mark by 2021, marketers can’t afford to ignore this sleeping giant.