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What is Garyvee’s $1.80 Instagram Strategy?

A couple of months ago, VaynerMedia owner and prolific Instagram influencer Gary Vaynerchuk (Entrepreneur and best selling author, responsible for Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and Crushing It) released a new video discussing his ‘$1.80 Instagram Strategy”. With just under 200k views, Gary’s Instagram strategy has ultimately been well received by his audience and currently has [...]

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Grime Duo Krept & Konan Open Dessert Restaurant ‘Crepes & Cones’

MOBO Award winning grime duo Krept & Konan, otherwise known as Casyo Johnson & Karl Wilson, just announced the launch of a new dessert restaurant called “Crepes & Cones”, which is set to open in Croydon on May 12th. The announcement made last night via Twitter stated “After working on this for over 2 years I’m [...]

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Could Ramadan 2018 Lead To A Spike In Retail, Travel & Fast Food Sales?

As many of the UK’s four million Muslims start to prepare for the event of Ramadan, new figures have emerged predicting huge economic growth within businesses that cater to an Islamic audiences. Family gatherings, gift-giving and dining with friends are core components of Eid, and in 2018 it appears that brands are starting to catch on [...]

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Nick Hollywood: From Genre Pioneer to Record Label Owner

Nick Hollywood is the founder of independent record label (and music publisher) Freshly Squeezed, and has been described as “the Godfather of Electro Swing”, playing a major role in the growth of a genre that grew to prominence in early 2013. Google Trend results show searches for the genre “Electro Swing” grew rapidly in the [...]

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Are Autistic Individuals More Likely To Make Rational Purchasing Decisions?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FNyPsJ_ejM There has been little research into the effects of marketing and advertising on individuals with developmental disorders such as Autism. However, a new study by the Association of Psychological Science suggests that those with Autism are more likely to tune out from advertising, resulting in more consistent decision-making as a consumer. The study goes on [...]

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Ling Valentine: Dragons Den, Nuclear Arms & Car Leasing

Ling Valentine is the enigmatic founder of LingsCars.com, a car leasing site that has been called “one of the best websites ever made” by The Independant yet “quite possibly the worst & weirdest website on the internet” by The Metro. A controversial and disruptive figure that is both adored as well as scored, LingsCars has been [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – January

FACEBOOK Facebook Messenger clones Snapchat functionality New plans announced by Facebook HQ claim that the the future of messenger will be visually focused. In light of the new strategy, Messenger has adopted the much of the functionality of Snapchat. Borrowing the idea of filters, which are now known on messenger as masks. Facebook launches journalism program [...]

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How can Pinterest be used for Digital Marketing?

Leveraging various social media platforms for marketing purposes has been a somewhat standard practise for many years now, however some of these networks have proven to be more difficult than others to utilise successfully. If you have a search online, you can find endless amounts of information regarding the other more prominent networks such as Twitter [...]

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What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Defined

INTRODUCTION TO THE TERM 'DIGITAL MARKETING' As technology has become more pervasive, traditional marketing strategies have become more outdated as consumers shift their media consumption from general mass media, to more niche and specific channels on outlets such as YouTube. During this shift, around 1990 the term 'Digital Marketing' first emerged. However, it was not until [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – December

Facebook Facebook teams up with 3rd party to flag ‘fake news’ in the News Feed Mark Zuckerberg posted of his intent to ‘take misinformation seriously’ on Facebook. Misinformation or ‘fake news’ has become a hot topic following the US election and this is further compounded by the fact that around 62% of adults get their news [...]

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London Business Show 2016 – 5 Valuable Lessons

Positioning your brand at a business exhibition or trade show can be a daunting task. At an event the size of the London Business Show 2016 which attracts over 10,000 attendees annually, there is increasingly more competition for businesses to cut through the noise in order to successfully reach their intended target market. At Europe’s ‘most [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – November

We've rounded up all the latest social media news for November 2016 from the top social media sources. Watch the video below to find out what happened this month in social media: Facebook Facebook for Workplaces launches globally. Chat with colleagues, livestream presentations and even host virtual brainstorming sessions with Facebook Workplaces which aims to be ‘priced competitively’. Will your [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – September

It can be hard to stay up to date with the latest trends in the ever-changing social media landscape. With the Trendjackers Monthly Social Digest, we aim to roundup the latest social media developments in to one bitesized chunk month on month. Facebook Facebooks launches new teens-only platform Lifestage which aims to appeal primary to a [...]

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