Whether you are a solo-practitioner, a business owner or part of a wider marketing team, you might find it tricky to narrow down the best digital marketing tools for your business. Digital marketing tools can help save time and improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

In order to help you find the right tool for your business, we’ve hand selected what we feel are some of the best digital marketing tools out there to help organise, streamline or otherwise improve your digital marketing activities.


  • Slack
    Slack is a team communication platform that enables small to medium sized businesses to chat effectively. This is achieved by the ability to create chat channels for any subject that you desire and then inviting the relevant team members to those channels.
  • Cyfe
    Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard app that allows you to track pretty much every aspects of your digital marketing campaigns. Cyfe can help you to keep track all kinds of things such as website analytics, sales data, social media stats & much, much more.
  • Hubspot CRM
    If you need a CRM solution that is effective, easy to use, thoroughly well designed and extremely customisable, then the Hubspot CRM is well worth checking out. The best part? It’s completely free!
    If you wish to compare other affordable CRM platforms for your business, the team at Cloudwards have created an interactive piece which allows you to find the right CRM platform for your business.
  • MailChimp
    Ask anybody in marketing about which Email Marketing tool they use and the majority of them will say Mail Chimp. Easy to use, excellent interface and as customisable as you need it to be.
    Need a really quick solution to group video calls that doesn’t require the download of a program such as Skype? Look no further. takes all of the hassle out of arranging video calls by allowing you to create a ‘room’. You can then invite people to this room by simply sending them a link. Easy!
  • Any.Do + Cal
    These combination of mobile apps are known as the #1 online task-management app for web & mobile. Any.Do + Cal integrates directly with your Google Calender and can be used to manage your time in a highly intuitive way.
  • SweetProcess
    When it comes to scaling your business, you could be the very element holding it back due to everyone else relying on you for the processes. SweetProcess aims to alleviate this issue by allowing you to document all of your processes in one easy to use interface.
  • Zapier
    Zapier grants you the ability to link numerous applications together to streamline your workflow and make it more efficient.


  • Buffer
    Buffer is a social media management tool for marketers which provides powerful social media scheduling capabilities. Available across a range of popular social media networks, Buffer comes with a limited free account and is a powerful digital marketing tool for supporting low-cost, guerrilla social media campaigns.
  • Tweepi
    Struggling to find relevant followers in your niche to grow your audience Twitter? Then Tweepi is the tool for you. Utilising your Twitter account, Tweepi gives you some access to directly targeting your competitor’s followers.
  • TweetDeck
    TweetDeck is another digital marketing tool for Twitter which allows for advanced social listening utilising multiple accounts.


There are numerous tools out there that offer very useful information and insights about your website and how effective it is at generating and converting traffic, as well as offering vast amounts of data so that you can better understand your audience.


For the designers, here are some useful resources that will help you with all aspects of the design process. Whether you need a colour or gradient picker, a collection of quirky icons, or a library of beautiful fonts, you’ll find what you need below.


Finding that killer piece of imagery for your website, article, social media post or video shouldn’t be too difficult with these amazing, royalty free stock imagery websites.


Akin to the free stock imagery resources, below are a number of websites that you can use to find that perfect piece of music!


  • A Soft Murmur
    A Soft Murmur has an array of soothing audio on loop such as rain, fire and even a coffee shop. If you work better with some soothing sounds in the background, then you need this site in your life!
  • TED
    If you haven’t heard of TED, then you should probably stop living under that rock of yours. On the TED website you’ll find countless video talks by people that are experts within their respective industries. If you need somewhere to get started, we published our Top 10 Ted Talks Of All Time recently.

We’ll be updating this post when we can with the latest and greatest digital marketing tools so if you got some value from it, by all means give it a bookmark and visit it again in the future.

Know of any awesome digital marketing tools that we missed? Please let us know with a comment! There is so much awesome stuff on the web that we’re bound to have missed something!

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