AI Marketing: The Savior or the Destroyer of the Marketing Industry?

The field of marketing has always been about understanding and connecting with consumers. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses are now able to leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and automate key marketing tasks. From chatbots to personalized content, the potential of AI marketing is immense. However, with great power [...]

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Creative Marketing Roles

Is marketing a science or an art? The age-old debate has continued to divide opinion over the years. Creatives will claim that it's an art. Data-driven analysts will insist that it's a science. The truth is somewhere in the middle; marketing is both a science and an art. But thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, [...]

How Facebook is Influencing The U.S. Elections

The world's largest social network is proving to play a big part in the upcoming U.S. general elections. Back in September, Facebook issued a reminder to American citizens urging them to register so that they can place their all-important vote in November. Just the other day, U.S. officials said that Facebook had been responsible for a [...]

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