Exactly a year ago, we published our first blog post. Since then, we continued the creation and publishing of valuable and thought provoking marketing content in an effort to gain a steady flow of readers visiting our site via organic search clicks.

Starting and running a blog can be daunting at first. Initially, it felt very much like shadow boxing in the sense that the progress we were making wasn’t tangible. Nevertheless, we continued to post content as we knew that eventually, we’d develop our readerbase.


Thanks to the promotion of our articles on our social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, our articles were being read, even without the organic search clicks. However, whilst we liked sharing content with our already existing audience on social media, we wanted to be attracting new readers organically.

With that in mind, we spent a lot of time optimising our site and content to be ranked better within the search engines. This involved speeding up our website, changing our post formatting, reorganising our site-structure amongst other smaller optimisations.

In addition to that, we also worked on getting some backlinks from our already existing clients (we sell pay monthly websites). Finally, we began to utilise keyword research to influence our blog writing.

With all of those changes, we patiently waited to see the fruits of our labour.

However, they were nowhere to be seen. Weeks, even months passed without seeing any major organic search traffic improvements. We maintained our dedication regardless.

After months and months of posting content, on the week of October 30 2016, we began to see our first marked improvement in organic search traffic! Up until this point, blogging had been a seemingly unrewarding experience, but just like that, it suddenly became worthwhile!

In the following weeks and months, we saw a gradual rise in search engine traffic. Writing great content became more rewarding and we were beginning to receive comments on our various blog posts.

Fast forward to today, May 28th 2017, an exact year from our very first post. We have a screengrab of our organic search traffic from Google Analytics for this timeframe, as you can see below:

Trendjackers Organic Search Clicks Analytics Screenshot

This graph clearly outlines the initial struggles we endured, as well was the success we began to experience in the latter stages. We would like to state of course that our current traffic numbers are by no means large, however the clear rise in organic search clicks is something we’re pleased to see!


We would like to touch on some of our findings from this initial year of blogging. Perhaps you’ll find the following points to be useful in your own journey to acquire search engine traffic:

  • Writing is hard, but it gets a lot easier as you improve. Keep at it!
  • Pick your topics wisely. It’s much easier to create content for a subject you are passionate about.
  • Maintain a regular posting schedule. Admittedly, this is relatively difficult. After looking at our analytics, the times where our posting was more regular demonstrated more success than the more intermittent periods.
  • It’s completely fine to write articles without having a keyword in mind. We have received many clicks for articles that were written as passion pieces.
  • As time passes, your DA (Domain Authority) will rise, leading to better influence over search engine rankings.
  • Don’t focus too hard on acquiring backlinks. Instead, try to create the best content you possibly can in order to encourage your readers to reference your articles on their own (or other peoples) websites.
  • Set up your website with Google’s Search Console in order to monitor what search terms people are using to get to your website, amongst other valuable data.
  • Syndicate your content across social media in an organised and timely fashion in order to reach new audiences. In fact, over the last year, social media has accounted for an equal amount of traffic when compared to our organic search results.
  • Read. Read Frequently. Keep up to date with the key voices in your field! You might find yourself in a position to react in an informed way.

As we continue to create and publish content over the course of the next year, we’ll be increasing the amount of blog posts we upload whilst simultaneously trying to improve the quality of our content. With that in mind, we’re hoping to see even more organic search traffic along the way.

We hope that you derived some value from this article! If you run a blog yourself and have some points that you’d like to add, please leave us a comment below. Additionally, if you’re interested in having an article published here on the Trendjackers blog, visit our Guest Blogging page.