Phillip Schofield. Most notably the television presenter of ITV’s This Morning and game show host of The Cube. And now, the new face of

The multi-channel ad campaign, created and directed by ad agency Brothers & Sisters, was rolled out late last year on TV, radio and social media.

The first in a series of videos, which features the unveiling of a 14-foot marble statue of Phillip himself, opens with the following line:

At, we live by one simple rule: be more like Phillip Schofield.

Accompanied by a dedicated landing page on their website, they describe Schofield as their ‘spirit animal’, whilst stating the ‘Phil-osophy’ of their brand.

The page is complete with blog posts which describe ways you can ‘be more like Phil’, alongside media which include anecdotal video clips and animated GIFs.

Confused? Don’t worry, they’ve even got some ‘PH-AQs’ too.

You can tell that a lot of thought was put into this campaign – from the statue to the props, right down to the copywriting.

But why Phillip Schofield? Why not Bradley Walsh, Holly Willoughby, Ant & Dec or Keith Lemon?

Besides being a figurehead for mass market television, Schofield also has a diverse viewership that spans from young to old.

But there’s one thing that’s particularly useful about him. He’s highly active and very popular on social media. 

Schofield documents his various escapades on social media to his millions of doting followers, which on occasions, have gone viral.

This, coupled with various social media pages dedicated to Phillip Schofield memes reaffirms his popularity, particularly with the younger demographic.

The campaign is set to continue into 2018, where viewers will follow him through daily life, while WeBuyAnyCar obsesses over how ‘amazing’ he is.

Can you #PhilTheLove?