Facebook Messenger clones Snapchat functionality
New plans announced by Facebook HQ claim that the the future of messenger will be visually focused. In light of the new strategy, Messenger has adopted the much of the functionality of Snapchat. Borrowing the idea of filters, which are now known on messenger as masks.

Facebook launches journalism program in a bid to work more closely with the media
Facebook introduces journalism project in a bid to ‘establish stronger connections between Facebook and the news industry’. The Journalism project aims to focus on developing towards collaborative news tools, as well as a range of storytelling products for journalists.

Nevertheless, The FB Journalism Project hasn’t been well received by the entire marketing community. Joe Pulizzi of The Content Marketing Institute had some strong criticisms of the project, in a recent post – Go Home Facebook, Your Journalism Project is Drunk

Industry insiders claim Facebook is trailing a ‘mid-roll’ ad format
The mid-roll ad format is being discussed which will display adverts in the middle of videos shown on Facebook. This follows on from Facebook’s shift towards aggressively promoting video on the platform despite staying away in the past from the pre-roll ad format employed by YouTube.

Furthermore, it is unknown at this point if the ‘mid-roll’ ad format will share revenue with content creators in the same way as YouTube Ads do.


Google releases new updates for Google+. Yes, really!
When Google+ was launched, it was positioned as the search giant’s answer to popular social network, Facebook. However, as time passed and Facebook’s advertising options became more popular with marketers, Google+ slowly drifted into the background and in most scenarios, didn’t remain a priority for social media marketers.

However, this is potentially soon set to change, as Google releases a range of updates for the platform. This implies that enough people are still active on the platform, as otherwise it’s unlikely that Google would support the platform further if it remained mainly unused.

Amongst the new changes, Image Zoom, Comment Filtering & Google Events are now included, providing G+ users with further functionality on the network.


LinkedIn redesigns desktop view, pushing conversations and content as main user focus
New changes to LinkedIn aim to focus on content, as well as conversations. Promising to make the experience easier than ever to be productive on LinkedIn, navigation has been streamlined and the newsfeed algorithm has also been tweaked to provide a richer, more relevant user experience.

Content creators will receive greater analytics to help understand who’s viewing their content on LinkedIn. The new functionality allows for new profile improvement suggestions to help make your profile stand out better on the platform. LinkedIn offers a few tips to make the most of the new changes in this blog post.


Snap, Inc sets up the company’s main international hub in London, United Kingdom
Snap, inc. The parent company of visual sharing app, Snapchat, recently committed themselves to setting up their main international hub within the UK.

“The UK has strong creative industries – The UK is where our advertising clients are, and where more than 10 million daily Snapchatters are” – Claire Valoti, manager of Snap UK. Other social media firms such as Facebook and Google have recently made investments in Britain which has been seen as a vote of confidence in the UK, following Brexit.


Pinterest provides more control to marketers and launches new Pinterest ad groups
“Starting this month, we’re rolling out an update to the way your Pinterest ad campaigns are structured. An ad group works as a container for your Promoted Pins and gives you more control over how you budget for, target and run your campaigns.” – Product Manager, Pinterest

So what does this mean for Marketers on Pinterest? Well, we will now be able to assign budgets and specific target to different ad groups, align campaign budgets toward marketing initiatives and streamline campaigns across platforms, providing much more control to how campaigns are run.

Pinterest Lens, a feature currently in beta and slowly rolling out to US Pinners, makes finding similar pins easy via visual discovery
With Pinterest Lens, you can use your camera from within the Pinterest app to take a picture of a real world object. Pinterest Lens will then find pins that are related to the object you took a photo of! This feature is still in beta so it doesn’t work perfectly yet, however, considering Pinterest is a highly visual platform, this seems to be very a logical step forward.


Twitter shuts down their recently launched app ‘Dashboard’ after just 6 months
Twitter announced that they would be shutting down their Twitter analytics tool Dashboard, following a series of cutbacks at Twitter HQ. in recent months. In previous social media roundups, we discussed Twitter’s shutdown of Vine, as well as the platforms recent decision to cut lead generation advert types.

In other bad news for Twitter, on January 5 key executives chose to leave the contracting social media organisation, and Twitter Product Head, Keven Weil, has in fact been snatched up by rivals Instagram.

We wonder if this means bad things around the corner for Twitter HQ?


The new hottest social network Peach.cool is launched by the founders of Vine.
The creative team behind Vine is back with the launch of Peach, a modern, creative twist on social media sharing apps.In a sense, Peach is very much like a slimmed down version of Byte, allowing users to share images, text, gifs & other ‘magic words’ in an interesting & unique way.

Enjoyable & light-hearted, Peach has been called ‘a combination of visual basic & mario paint” by the verge and is really quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen. If you’ve got an account on Peach and want to connect with us, add our Peach username @digitalmarketing


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