It can be hard to stay up to date with the latest trends in the ever-changing social media landscape. With the Trendjackers Monthly Social Digest, we aim to roundup the latest social media developments in to one bitesized chunk month on month.


  • Facebooks launches new teens-only platform Lifestage which aims to appeal primary to a millennial demographic. The newly launched app is age-restricted and allows teens to share emojis & video content in a way fashion to Snapchat. Lifestage is the brainchild of Facebook Product Manager Michael Sayman, who is just 19 years old
  • Facebook makes it easier for brands to cross-post videos produced by publishers without having to re-upload the video to Facebook themselves. This move works in the favour of content producers and aims to cut down on pages that plagiarize copyright content. This feature will also work to save time for large content producers such as RT who may wish to share the same video over their portfolio of media brands (Ruptly, RT US, RT UK etc) 
  • When I found out these 5 ways Facebook is cutting down on the amount of click-bait article titles on the network… I was shocked! Facebook tweeks EdgeRank algorithm to show less content deemed to be ‘clickbait’
  • Mark Zuckerberg faces allegations of censorship in Q&A session by content producers who suddenly found their pages deleted deleted despite not breaking Facebook terms & conditions.

    What makes up the process of reporting and unpublishing a page? I see that a lot of my favorite sources of entertainment are being permanently unpublished – but the reasons given are clearly not violating community standards. Is an accidental image filter triggering the deletation process of huge pages? What’s the deal Mark? See more

    Facebooks algorithm for archiving threads with multiple comments is by default set to show “Top Comments” by number of likes / engagement level.“Leave your comments below or like your favourites and I’ll respond to as many as I can.” Claimed Zuckerberg but as of yet, despite being ranked the top question with just under 2000 likes, the question remains ignored.



  • New changes to Twitter allow users to use emoji’s in their name & bio



  • Tumblr launches ad platform which shares revenue with bloggers as part of the Creatrs scheme which will be available to “any eligible Tumblr— brand, poet, musician, fan, artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike,”


  • Pinterest launches new ads network featuring targeted ads, engagement retargeting and visitor lookalike audiences. 

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