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To produce the best pay monthly websites out there.

However large your business, sometimes it makes more sense to pay for a website in monthly installments. That’s why it’s our mission to offer cutting-edge websites to everyone, including those who prefer to pay monthly.


Tailor-made websites that don’t compromise on quality.

A pay monthly website shouldn’t compromise on quality in any way. We give every project the same level of care and attention regardless of payment method because we don’t accept sub-standard work, and neither should you.


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What do you do regarding domain names?2017-03-28T19:01:20+00:00
  • If you do have an existing domain name: If you’ve got an existing domain name, we can work with you to perform a domain transfer or domain point free of charge.
  • If you don’t have a domain name: If required, we can help you to source your domain name(s) from a third party supplier on your behalf, without any administration fee.

    The average cost of a typical domain name will be between £2-£10 for one year and this cost will be provided to you upfront, before purchase in a transparent way.

I don’t have a logo yet for my business, can you help?2017-03-28T18:59:25+00:00

If you need a professional logo design for your business, look no further. We have a vast amount of brand design experience spanning many years and covering numerous industries. Contact us for a quote!

I don’t have written content for my website yet, can you help?2017-08-01T16:12:55+00:00

Yes! We specialise in writing professional copy. Whether it’s sales focused copy to entice your audience into converting, or a search engine optimised blog post on a specific subject, we have your back.

In our eCommerce website package, 1000 words of professional copywriting is included. However if you need additional content written then contact us for a bespoke quote.

I’ve got a certain look and feel I want to achieve. Can you design this to specification?2017-03-28T18:58:06+00:00

We can indeed! The websites we design and build are bespoke, tailored to your requirements. Need a live-chat feature? Not a problem. Perhaps you want a forum feature so people can engage in conversation? Love it. Let’s do it!

I’ve got an existing site. Can you transfer the content over?2017-03-28T18:57:45+00:00

It’s very likely that we can! However, if your site is very big (like, really really big!) and a database transfer isn’t an option, then this might be an aspect that we will have to charge a one-off fee to complete.

What are my payment options?2017-08-01T16:13:39+00:00

All of our websites can be purchased either outright or on a pay monthly basis.

If you want to discuss the most suitable option for your business, get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How easy is it for me to upload blog posts or make small changes to my website?2017-03-28T19:06:12+00:00

Like, super easy. Uploading a Facebook status kind of easy. Our sites are built using WordPress which is by far the most user friendly CMS (content management system) out there.

It’s all fairly intuitive to use and we’re always available to offer help as well as answer questions! If you don’t want to change stuff however, we allocate time each month to making the changes you specify to your website.

Can you integrate my eBay, Shopify or Amazon store onto my website?2017-03-28T19:07:37+00:00

If you are running an eBay, Shopify or Amazon store then we can import your feed onto your new website to create a second platform for sales. Cha-ching!

Can you add ecommerce functionality to my site?2017-03-28T19:05:00+00:00

Sure can. Our £100 per month package can be outfitted with full ecommerce functionality, including your favourite payment gateway. PayPal, anyone?

Can you add a blog to my new website?2017-03-28T19:04:42+00:00

Honestly, we’d love to add a blog to your website. Blogs are awesome! Also, great for SEO and stuff so if you’re unsure of whether to opt for one, go for it!

Do I own my new website once it’s complete?2017-07-27T13:01:07+00:00

If you choose the pay monthly option, you will be granted full ownership of the website at 24 months of being with us – alternatively. if you wish to pay this off faster to own your website earlier – this can also be arranged.


The aftercare and support we received after the build has also been second to none. We’ve had a family business for 40 years and Trendjackers exceeded all of our expectations. We’re now getting 5x the amount of enquiries to our website and I literally can’t recommend these boys enough.

Scott Maclaren, Fulham Tattoo Centre

Excellent team, understood our needs exactly, highly professional and great to work with, would definitely recommend!

I would recommend these guys 100%. We are very happy with the end product and with the service we received. Not only did Trendjackers develop a great website – the guys were great to work with.
Giorgia De Stefano, Freshly Squeezed Music
I can’t recommend Trendjackers highly enough. I touched base with them as I was unhappy with a previous website design, which had taken me over 4 months to try and explain to the previous company what I was after, and they still never understood. I spoke to Jamie at trendjackers and within 5 minutes he completely got the brief. I had working designs very quickly and the communication and explanation of everything was 100% clear and transparent. The cost of the service for the quality of work is fantastic, and I have already recommended Trendjackers to friends and family. 110% recommend!
Josh Nusenbaum, Seff Fibre
Amazing service, so happy with my final website, its better than i imagined! My website now looks very professional, it represents my business well, whilst having a completely original style to it. The communication with Rob was brilliant through out, he understood what I wanted and changes to the website were made fast. Great service at a very competitive price. Thanks a lot guys!
Chelsea Long, Colours Facepainting

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