Office Logic: Part 5

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Welcome to November’s edition of Office Logic, an on-going series of marketing satire and office jokes. This time, we’ll be looking at meme marketing, what not to say in a PR disaster, what not to say in an interview and the peculiar nature of some marketers job roles.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

It’s the quarterly marketing meeting. You’ve come well-equipped with an idea that’s backed by hours of research. You can’t wait to tell everyone and wow the team. You recommend investing £100k next year in creating branded memes. Your co-worker looks at you as if you’ve just suggested that the company starts selling dildos. Your boss looks at you with a face of disdain. We’re an insurance firm, not VICE News.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

There’s a number of things you can do when a PR disaster strikes. You could tweet an apology, you could duck out and hide or you could make a statement filled with corporate jargon to obfuscate the situation. A lot of companies opt for the latter and get it horribly wrong. This guy, however, has chosen to be honest about it. We need more people like that.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

You’ve just graduated from University with a first-class honours degree. You’ve landed your first job interview for a highly paid position at a fortune 500 company in the big city. For someone will little interview experience, you’ve made a great first impression so far. Only one more question to go – ‘what makes you want this job?’ Shit. Why do I want this job again? Oh yeah, of course, I’ve got the burden of this student loan weighing me down. That’s a solid answer.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

Some people find it difficult to explain what they do for a living. But none more so than this guy. He works for Hubspot. What exactly does Hubspot do though? Well, they’re marketers who market marketing to other marketers, obviously. Are you confused? Me too.

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