In the world of tech and social media, the only constant is change. And as the legacy networks such as Facebook and Twitter continue to mature, people are beginning to look for new innovations from the some of the ‘alt-tech’ platforms that have surfaced in the last decade or so.

Recently, I stumbled upon a new social network that I think could change the way we view social media. That social network is called Nextdoor – a hyper-local, private social network that focuses on bringing your neighbours and local community closer together.

Think of the times you’ve needed to borrow something, tell locals about a lost pet, warn neighbours about a suspicious person, or seek recommendations for a local business. Nextdoor seeks to solve these everyday problems for local neighbourhoods across the globe.

You might be thinking: what can do Nextdoor do that Facebook can’t? Well, the answer to that is nothing. But that’s sort of missing the point. The value proposition of Nextdoor lies in the fact that it’s a closed network. Whereas with Facebook, your potential network is global.

“There hasn’t really been a social network that is solely devoted to what we believe is one of the most important communities in our lives, and that is the neighbourhood,”

“We believe that we provide a different context to communicate with neighbors versus friends,”

“We are different and we will continue to lean into that difference.”

Nirav Tolia – Founder & CEO of Nextdoor.

The app requires people’s address to be verified by Nextdoor in order to join the network. Once inside, users can view a map of the local area, see registered users at their home address, and send postcards to unregistered locals to encourage participation.

As of June 2017, Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia claims that the app is now used in 160,000 neighborhoods across the US, UK and Netherlands, whilst the network is experiencing a growth of ‘100% percent year on year’ since it’s inception.

Read and listen to the full interview with the Nextdoor Ceo Nirav Tolia here.