Guitarists are a unique kind of people. Instead of seeking out the latest guitar shapes, brands or parts, they lust after the classic combinations from already well established companies with a rich, long-standing heritage.

Brands such as Fender and Gibson dominate the guitar world and have done for decades. This makes complete sense considering that during this time, thousands of artists have used their guitars, therefore making their products much more attractive to budding and experienced guitarists alike.

Of course, the quality and tone of each guitar brand is a massive selling point too, however it’s the lineup of world-class artists that often tips the balance when it comes to making a new guitar purchase.

That begs the question, how does one go about creating and more importantly, marketing a new guitar company? I’m sure numerous examples could be provided here. However, the brand I’d like to highlight is Chapman Guitars.

Established in 2009 by founder Rob Chapman, Chapman Guitars has gone from strength to strength in an industry where new brands, as mentioned earlier, typically have a very hard time breaking into the marketplace.

Rob Chapman of Chapman Guitars

Rob Chapman of Chapman Guitars

Chapman Guitars claims to be the first company to design it’s guitars “collaboratively”. This is achieved via a dedicated voting page on the Chapman Guitars website that allows fans of the company to vote on the various specifications and features of upcoming guitars.

I’d like for you to now turn your attention away from Chapman Guitars, and to Rob Chapman himself and more specifically, his YouTube channel.

In 2007, Rob uploaded the first video to his channel. 10 years later and at the time of writing this article, his YouTube channel has 598,000 subscribers and 215,359,088 video views.

How has Rob achieved this? Well, clearly a lot of hard work. Could you imagine consistently uploading videos to a YouTube channel for an entire decade?

Going beyond that though, Rob’s channels offers more than just gear reviews, tutorials and experiments. Rob’s fans also watch his videos because they enjoy his charismatic personality, in addition to his banter with Lee Anderton, founder of Andertons Guitar and Music Shop.

The pair have become an iconic duo within the YouTube guitar scene due to the chemistry they share on screen. More recently, the videos including the two of them are now uploaded to the Andertons YouTube Channel, while Rob’s channel focusses more on his own material.

Having a vast community of fans that consistently watch your content on YouTube provides a great platform to advertise and promote products and in this specific example, the guitars of Chapman Guitars.

I’d like to state that the promotion is done in a very transparent, non-intrusive way, while the content quality remains the main focus. As Rob perfectly demonstrates, maintaining authenticity is paramount to avoiding the alienation of your audience.

Now somewhat well established, Chapman Guitars have a growing repertoire of artists that religiously use their guitars. Going forward and looking to the future, this element will be vital to moving the brand even further forward.

Youtuber Rob Scallon

Fellow YouTuber Rob Scallon with his signature Chapman Guitar

You don’t have to be a guitarist in order to appreciate the methods in which Rob Chapman has launched and marketed his company. He hasn’t used any quick and easy strategies, he has simply put himself out there with high-quality, consistent content, for an extraordinary amount of time.

If you’re looking to pull off a similar feat with your own company, regardless of industry, it’s never too late to get started!

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