Few industries rely on great website designs as much as music festivals. Why? Because selling the prospect of camping, standing in an open field, overpriced booze and having to utilise porta loos requires a bit more pizzazz.

Music festivals have to sell an idea, something that extends beyond what the festival physically is. Don’t get me wrong here, the lineup of artists is obviously the main selling point, but to maximise sales, music festivals have to market the cohesive experience.

Many festivals adopt themes for that particular reason, as you’ll see in some of the examples listed. Before I proceed however, I’d like to mention that music festivals generally tend to redesign their websites every single year.

With that in mind, this particular collection of great website designs is highly volatile and will likely become outdated very fast. Without further ado, I present 7 great music festival website designs.


Kicking off, we have the Bestival website, and what a great way to start. This website oozes style and flair, with it’s unique usage of doodle-esque artwork and fonts. What’s more, the logo is animated in a gorgeous way that I haven’t seen utilised on other websites to this extent.

In terms of website features, it has everything you’d typically expect from a music festival website. The user experience is seamless, I had no issues finding important information, a seemingly strange thing to mention but you’d be surprised how many websites get the user experience aspect wrong.

Overall, the Bestival website is a visual treat that will be incredibly hard for them to beat in 2018. That said, they’re known for having consistently impressive website designs so I look forward to see what they have in store.


I mentioned in the opening paragraphs that music festival websites are trying to sell you more than just the physical experience. There are exceptions to this, and Boomtown is one of them.

Few festivals are as extravagant as Boomtown when it comes to their physical representation, with its venue actually being made up of multiple “districts”, each with their own theme and aesthetic.

With that in mind, it surprised me to see that the Boomtown website isn’t more eccentric. Instead, it’s a very clean and easy to navigate website that triumphs in its utilisation of imagery.

This actually makes the Boomtown website quite unique in the sense that it doesn’t require fancy artwork or features to sell the experience. The imagery of the festival is in an of itself, enough to entice consumers into taking a chance on the event.

It’s for that reason that I included the Boomtown website in this list of great website designs.


Download festival. Another website with an abundance of unique style! What’s cool about this great website design and the Download festival in general, is the iconic mascot that they so prominently display both graphically, and physically.

When you enter the Download festival website, you are immediately greeted with their mascot, in addition to the essential information you’d expect to be greeted with (date, location, ticket booking button, etc).

Throughout the website, there is a consistent use of textures overlayed onto imagery of the event, or graphics pertaining to it. It’s a very cool way to make use of the background space which would otherwise be something more generic.

The actual content of the website is displayed in panels, mostly consisting of a photograph with some overlayed text. Despite the amount of stuff that is going on with the design, the content stands out surprisingly well.

Other notable mentions include the website’s utilisation of a “burger” menu instead of a typical navigation, which allows the top bar to include a countdown timer. Once the burger menu is clicked, the side menu that consequentially appears is very slick and useful, leading to a convenient user experience.


Unsurprisingly, another website with a completely unique design! The Lovebox festival website is unique in that it doesn’t relentlessly barrage you with information, photographs or artwork.

Instead, it tones it down a few notches with a focus on clean, minimalistic and stylised design. On the homepage for example, there are little boxes scattered around that take you to various places of interest (they also have a subtle hover animation too).

As far as user experience goes, the Lovebox website is easy enough to navigate and due to the clean nature of the design, it’s not difficult to find what you need quickly.

If I were to nitpick, I would say that the website could benefit from having a slider on the homepage to inspire visitors a little more.


The Lollapalooza website design is a brilliant combination of artwork and imagery. Upon entering the website, you’re immediately hit with the bold colours and awesome graphics.

From then on, the experience of this great website design only improves. As you scroll through the homepage, you’re treated to beautifully designed sections, including a large artwork piece at the bottom.

All of the design aspects work together to create the consistently unique aesthetic, from the quirky fonts to the stylised buttons. Again, the user experience is top notch with all of the information easily accessed via the sticky navigation bar.

Other noteworthy mentions of this great website design include the music player on the top bar, and the ability to create an account which then permits you to utilise additional features such as favouriting artists, etc.


Like Lollapalooza above, the Governors Ball music festival website utilises a hybrid style, consisting of imagery and artwork to convey the experience and vibe of the event.

In fact, feature and layout wise, this website is very similar to the Lollapalooza website design. However, that’s where most of the similarities end. The Governors Ball website differentiates itself with its utilisation of subtle animations throughout the artwork.

The artwork itself is of course impressive, but it’s these little animated touches that bring the website to life in a dynamic way. Add that to the eye catching colours, the charming fonts and the clean yet purposeful layout, and the resulting website is among the best we’ve seen.

Again, like the Lollapalooza website, the Governors Ball website benefits from the music player and the ability to create an account for additional features.


To close out this article, I share with you the most unique website on this list. The Outside Lands music festival website.

Literally, the entire website is a visual feast. Artwork is consistent throughout not just the homepage, but the inner pages too. Of course, it also helps that the artwork is gorgeous.

Every aspect of this great website design is dare I say, perfect. The buttons are heavily stylised and have unique hover effects, the imagery is displayed within artistic frames, even the social media icons have a quirky aesthetic that draws your attention.

Real love and passion has clearly been put into this website design. The user experience of the site isn’t compromised in any way either. In fact, this website has one of the best user experience of the 7 sites listed, with it’s fantastic sticky navigation that also includes a sub menu depending on which page you’re on.

Outside Lands have demonstrated a masterclass in music festival website design and I’m excited to see where they go with it next.