Who doesn’t love eating out at their favourite restaurants? Whether it’s the local curry house or a lavish London eatery, we’ve all experienced the harmonic atmospheres and delectable cuisine that make up the restaurant experience.

Capturing said experience in website form requires great care, attention to detail and of course, exceptional design. The colours, fonts, animations, imagery and user experience have to fuse perfectly.

This month, it was difficult to pick the final great website designs due to the sheer quantity of wonderful restaurant websites out there on the web. That said, after much deliberation, I narrowed down the options to assemble a list of the following 7 websites.


Kicking off this installment of great website designs is Giraffe World Kitchen.

Being a large and prominent restaurant chain, it’s no surprise that the Giraffe World Kitchen website is stellar. Even so, the combination of clean design, beautiful imagery, seamless UX and satisfying functionality is impressive.

The website has a real style to it, mirroring the brand identity of Giraffe World Kitchen. Everything from the font choices to the colour utilisation is matched perfectly.

Additional noteworthy mentions include the non-intrusive yet incredibly useful sticky navigation and “explore” burger menu, where the non-essential pages are found and the helpful information icons which when clicked, provide valuable insight such as allergy info, etc.


The Denny’s website is unique in it’s layout and utilisation of space, opting for the side navigation bar instead of the more traditional top navigation bar.

When you first enter the Denny’s website, you’re immediately greeted with the full-screen video banner scene. Whilst there is a lot going on here, it does a great job of capturing a visitor’s attention.

After scrolling down, the video banner slides out of view, revealing the rest of the website for you to explore. Throughout the rest of the homepage there are numerous banners and offers, all making use of alluring imagery to entice visitors.


Slick animation, clean design and vibrant colours make up the experience that is the Tanta Peru website.

Immediately upon entering the website, you are presented with a fancy animating hero scene, which even animates out of frame when you begin to scroll down the page.

From there, you’re treated to clean, well spaced design and subtle touches of style. The font choices, colours and imagery work together nicely whilst the functionality of the website is easy to use and practical.

Overall, the Tanta Peru website shines because of it’s fresh and contemporary approach to restaurant website design.


With it’s undeniably bold, simplistic and unique style, the Sainte Paix website more than earned it’s place on this list.

Going against the typical restaurant website design conventions, the Sainte Paix website doesn’t utilise much imagery, doesn’t utilise bright vibrant colours and doesn’t bombard you with elaborate functionality.

Instead, it thrives off of it’s minimalistic and borderline arrogant form. A colour palette of black and off-white makes up the entire visage and the fonts don’t really extend beyond clean sans-serifs.

What this website does have however, is subtlety. The hyperlinks are highlighted by an underline which, when hovered, animates in a satisfying and classy way that I haven’t seen before.

As you scroll throughout the homepage, animated illustrations appear, each with their own distinct charm. Even the buttons have their own unique animation.

All of these faint features build a surprisingly enjoyable website experience not found elsewhere.


Capturing the attention of website visitors is paramount in any industry. The Pho Cafe website has no problems in that area!

With one of the most eye catching sliders I’ve seen, mostly thanks to the bold colour and audacious animation, I was immediately captivated.

I then noticed the other little details that make up the Pho Cafe website, such as the navigation menu icons and illustrated background imagery. It gives off a very fun and energetic vibe.

There isn’t too much more to the homepage other than some promotional banners, a social media section and the footer, but it all follows the lively style.

Upon navigating through the rest of the website, it’s apparent that each and every page has been designed with love and care, something that is often overlooked. The Our Story page for example, features a gorgeous illustration.


To best describe the Joyride Taco House website, it’s a potent combination of vibrant pastel colours, sleek animations, cute illustrations and awesome typography.

Like other great website designs on this list, the Joyride Taco House website features a video slider to great effect, demonstrating the experience of the restaurant.

Moving further down the page, you’re presented with an elegant text section, complemented with charming illustrations and an animated bike bounding across the screen.

This section is followed by an audacious call to action prompting you to go to the menu page. The contrast between the sections works really well to highlight important elements of the website.

It’s worth mentioning that the menu page is a feast for the eyes due to the colour and font choices throughout.


Okay, so this isn’t technically a restaurant website, but I wanted to feature it nonetheless.

Back in 2015, Burger King made a proposal to McDonalds to create a McWhopper for a single day, in the spirit of World Peace Day. McDonalds sadly rejected the idea, however that doesn’t detract from just how cool the McWhopper website is.

In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that the McWhopper website is a marvel in the world of web design. It’s a beautifully constructed presentation filled with animation, colour, functionality and information, the likes of which I haven’t seen before to such an extent.

It’s comical that one of the best websites out there is for a rejected burger collaboration, but these be strange times. On that note, thanks for reading this month’s great website designs!