The Past, Present & Future of Advertising in Video Games

Advertising has continually evolved since its inception due to advertisers consistently seeking the best ROI (return on investment) possible. Typical advertising platforms such as Television and Radio have been utilised by businesses to promote their products and services for decades. However, the popularity of advertising on these mediums has declined as a result of increasing costs [...]

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The Best and Worst Moments in E3 History

Events and expos are common amongst the many entertainment based industries. Films (including adult films), television, music, books, art. These events are primarily used as a platform to market and unveil new products, often in a grandiose way. The videogame industry is no exception, and at the forefront of the events is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, [...]

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Pewdiepie’s Razer Headset: An Influencer Marketing Analysis

Back in November of 2017, Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg), announced a new collaboration between himself and video game peripheral company, Razer. Together, they have created a customised version of the already existing Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headset, with a unique color scheme, artwork and decals. There were other changes to the headset, but this article isn’t about [...]

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Why Videogame Films Are Becoming More Commonplace

Throughout the years, many films and TV shows have had videogame adaptations. Everything from Toy Story and Spiderman to Shrek and Batman. Regardless of their quality, which has varied greatly (just ask an old school gamer about the 1982 E.T. Atari game), these extensions have always been prominent in videogames. On the contrary however, there have [...]

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Indie Game Marketing: An Exclusive Interview With Project Hospital Developer, Oxymoron Games

If you've been following the various videogame media websites lately, you might've seen an article or two written about Project Hospital, an upcoming indie game being developed by new studio Oxymoron Games. I reached out to them to see if they'd be interested in a short interview about their past, present and future marketing plans. [...]

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EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy – Deceit, Bad PR and an Unrelenting Pursuit From Reddit

Over the course of the last few years, microtransactions in the form of loot boxes, items, boosts and more, have become an increasingly more prevalent addition to videogames. Initially a concept that was used to monetise mobile games, microtransactions have gradually become more tolerated amongst the gaming community. That being said, EA has evidently crossed a [...]

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Great Website Designs #1 | Gaming

Welcome to 7 Great Website Designs, a new series of articles that I’ll be publishing once a month. Within each article, I will list 7 great website designs within a particular theme. The first theme I decided to go for was gaming, largely because I’m a huge gamer myself. Within this theme, it quickly became abundantly [...]

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Great Examples of Modern Video Game Marketing

Like many other industries, video game marketing has had it’s fair share of both great and terrible campaigns and strategies. The bad examples remain more prominent in the minds of gamers, so I’m not looking to highlight those. Instead, I’m going to share some of my favourite examples of modern video game marketing! Before I begin [...]

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