Why Marketing Degrees Are Practically Useless: & How They Can Be Fixed

Marketing degrees practically useless. Let me explain. Aspiring marketers looking for work after graduating are beginning to realise that what they’ve learned during their time at university is, to say the very least, inadequate. Why? Because a lot of marketing degrees are all theory and no practice. The truth of the matter is, many universities are out [...]

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Badvertising: Why Diet Coke’s ‘Because I Can’ Ad Campaign Was The Most Boring Advert Of 2018

Too big to fail? Maybe. Too big to fail at advertising? Never. The 'Because I Can' advertising campaign was launched as part of an effort to re-brand the beverage as "an authentic, self-aware, stripped-down Diet Coke that is really inclusive", according to Danielle Henry, group director of integrated marketing content for Coca-Cola North America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YBP8v6fi2w The campaign [...]

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Marketing In The Cannabis Industry: The Sleeping Giant

As cannabis legislation continues to lean towards decriminalisation and legalisation at a global scale, the opportunities for marketing in the industry are about to explode. Despite having to grapple with the age-old stigma surrounding cannabis and the monolithism of generations gone by, attitudes are changing rapidly. According to a recent poll, 51% of the UK public [...]

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EXCLUSIVE OP-ED: Has The Golden Age Gone?

When first asked to write this piece regarding the developments in marketing and advertising over recent decades, I thought it would be a jolly romp through the recent history of these two honourable professions sprinkled with a few lively anecdotes and ‘must hear’ stories but the more I pondered the possible content the more a darker [...]

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Is Facebook’s Move To Combat ‘Fake News’ A Step Towards Mass Censorship?

In mid-December, Facebook announced that they would start to filter and censor ‘fake news’ from people’s News Feeds in an effort to curb the spread of disinformation. The announcement came as part of a wider crackdown on illegitimate and unverified news stories that have apparently plagued the internet as of late. Many journalists and political commentators [...]

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