Thirst For Change: An Exclusive Interview With Hugh Thomas, The Founder of Ugly Drinks

The sugar conspiracy is real. You'll do well to visit a local shop or supermarket nowadays and pick up a drink that's not full to the brim with sugar or it's nefarious substitute aspartame. And despite the myriad of health problems that are known to come with habitual consumption of sugar, household drink brands have seldom [...]

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Nick Hollywood: From Genre Pioneer to Record Label Owner

Nick Hollywood is the founder of independent record label (and music publisher) Freshly Squeezed, and has been described as “the Godfather of Electro Swing”, playing a major role in the growth of a genre that grew to prominence in early 2013. Google Trend results show searches for the genre “Electro Swing” grew rapidly in the [...]

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Indie Game Marketing: An Exclusive Interview With Project Hospital Developer, Oxymoron Games

If you've been following the various videogame media websites lately, you might've seen an article or two written about Project Hospital, an upcoming indie game being developed by new studio Oxymoron Games. I reached out to them to see if they'd be interested in a short interview about their past, present and future marketing plans. [...]

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Decentralising The Music Industry: An Exclusive Interview With The OPUS Foundation How do you listen to your music? I'll take a guess and say you're using a streaming platform such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. But what most people don't know is that when you pay your monthly fee for these streaming services, up to 80% of the artist's revenue is deducted. Whilst bigger artists, [...]

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Redefining Networking: An Exclusive Interview With Shapr CEO

Since the advent of the internet, the world of business networking has changed drastically. Advanced connectivity in the form of social media and mobile applications has allowed us to reach out to people who share similar interests in ways that were simply not possible before. Among the pioneers who are shaping this new world we live in is [...]

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Exclusive Interview with On The Tools CEO Lee Wilcox

How many times have you had a drunken business idea with your mates that you never actually followed through with? For Lee Wilcox, his big idea didn't only survive the hangover, it's fast becoming a reality. In July 2014, Lee and his best mate Adam started what would soon turn out to be one of the [...]

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Ling Valentine: Dragons Den, Nuclear Arms & Car Leasing

Ling Valentine is the enigmatic founder of, a car leasing site that has been called “one of the best websites ever made” by The Independant yet “quite possibly the worst & weirdest website on the internet” by The Metro. A controversial and disruptive figure that is both adored as well as scored, LingsCars has been [...]

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An Interview With Illustrator Marcus Marritt

Just the other day, I was browsing through Instagram and I came across some eye-catching work from up-and-coming illustrator Marcus Marritt. Despite only being an illustrator for three years, Marcus has done some impressive work for a number of high profile names including Chelsea FC, JP Morgan and WIRED Magazine. Marcus' eye for vibrant colours, subtle [...]

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