Bud Light has artfully trolled the cliché aspirations of 21st-century Millennials with their latest TV ad – and it’s hilariously accurate.

The ad, which was apparently filmed on a beach in the UK, features a group of hipsters living their so-called ‘bohemian’ lifestyles.


Super cool girl, aspirational friends

Lifestyle ad with bud light at the end

Marketing gimmick – hot women, hot men

Even the rabbits – an eight out of ten

Fresh, smooth, light-hearted beer for a try hard world

don’t overthink it, just watch it swirl

Follow your heart, ooh those pants look quite tight

Drink with your face, and keep it Bud Light


Released as part of an effort to attract Millenials in the UK, the advert will be aired on TV, in cinemas and of course, on social media.

According to the ad agency behind the idea, the campaign was intended to give Bud Light a “distinctive voice in the UK”.

There’s something about adverts that project an ironic self-awareness, especially ads like this that border on taking the p*ss out of themselves.

Perhaps in the future, we’ll start to see more beverage brands adopt a similar theme in their advertising. After all, beers and laughs work together harmoniously.

It’s got my seal of approval. Cheers, Bud Light ?