The worst is yet to come.

That’s the message that was plastered all over the walls of an East London tube station to promote the latest release of the Netflix hit-series Black Mirror.

Every single advertising board on Old Street station was taken over with cryptic messages that served as teasers for each of the six episodes in the new series.

Black Mirror Adverts Old Street Tube Station | Trendjackers

One poster read: “Brain implants let parents monitor teens”, while another says: “Dating app knows when your relationship will end”.

Commuters took to social media to discuss the doomy adverts.

Appear Here, the company that’s responsible for curating ad campaigns for Old Street station said:

“We partnered with TfL to re-imagine the London Underground experience and enhance the everyday journey.

“We didn’t want to fill Old Street station with your average station retail and this activation embodies just that. Old Street is filled with forward-thinkers and early-adopters, which makes it the ideal place for brands to test out more daring ideas.”

The eagerly-awaited new series of Charlie Brooker’s Sci-Fi thriller was released in the UK on December 29th and is now available to watch on Netflix.