Trendjackers – The Story So Far

Earlier this year, we formed Trendjackers out of a mutual passion for creative marketing and everything associated with it. It is our paramount desire to explore marketing on a deep level whilst also sharing our various findings via our blog.

Additionally, we also constructed our various service offerings such as pay monthly websites, social media management and creative media. Our main goal behind these services was to empower businesses with our extensive marketing knowledge at the most affordable prices.

What did we do in 2016?

In the initial stages, launching Trendjackers actually took a number of months. We wanted to get the brand right and therefore we dispelled numerous company names and logos before landing on our current branding, which immediately felt right.

Of course, we then had to get our website designed and built. This also took approximately a month due to the fact that we wanted to achieve a look and feel that reflected our bold brand whilst also being highly user friendly.

However, after all of that was done, we were ready to formally reveal Trendjackers. Since our official launch though, we’ve been up to many things and have made a lot of changes!

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of great clients, many of whom can be seen on our portfolio page. We’re very thankful that we’ve been able to help these companies with their marketing and look forward to working with them again in the future!

Events weren’t a major focus for us in 2016, however we did do a presentation at the University of Chichester in addition to attending the London Business Show 2016.


Furthermore, attention to our blog and overall readership grew considerably throughout the year. As previously mentioned, our primary goal is to share our marketing knowledge and findings with as many people as possible and our blog is our means of achieving that.

What are we doing in 2017?

In 2017, we will be placing an even higher emphasis onto our content output in order to increase the number of readers visiting our website. One of our strategies for this will involve us working with guest bloggers. If you’re interested in having your content featured on our site, then by all means send us an email!

We’re also going to produce more recurring content such as our monthly Social Media Digest in order to keep our audience informed on the various happenings in the marketing world.

Trendjackers will also be attending a larger number of events in 2017 in order to offer marketing information and advice to people who don’t frequent our website.

Thank you for everything! Have a great 2017!

Building and running Trendjackers has been a fantastic journey filled with various highs and lows however none of it would be possible if not for our clients, blog readers and social media followers. We’re incredibly thankful for everyone that values our offering and we vow to become even more beneficial to all of you.

Many of us are glad to see the back of 2016, however for us, it will always mark the beginning of our pride and joy. Tomorrow we begin a new year in which we aim to achieve many great things. From all of us at Trendjackers, we would like to wish you the most fantastic, exciting and enriching 2017 possible!

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