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Project Description



Scott Maclaren, owner of The Fulham Tattoo Centre, runs a London based “Tattoo Parlour to The Stars” which was handed down to him from his father and has been in business for over 30 years.

As an avid social media user, Scott was well aware of the potential that contemporary digital marketing techniques can bring to a business. Ever since since taking up the reigns, from his father, he has focused primarily on growing a strong and sophisticated online presence.

Faced with the challenge of repositioning the online presence of his store which had over 30 years of history, Scott was interested in stepping away from the look and feel of the old Fulham Tattoo website which was outdated from a design perspective.

Key Stats

Client: Fulham Tattoo
Product: £39 Per Month Website
New Site Launch: May 2017
Monthly Traffic: 8.5k pageviews
Number of Enquiries: 60+
Custom Integrations: Instagram Feed, Google Maps, Blog
URL: http://fulhamtattoo.co.uk/

Fulham Tattoo Centre’s Old Site

FTC’s old website had been around for quite some time and although FTC once had a relatively high quality website, by today’s standards it was not up to scratch.

The site had not kept to to date with modern design trends and was not easily accessable on mobile and tablet devices. Furthermore, there where also initial technical problems and design issues such as slow loading times, unresponsive design, outdated content as well and other more ge neral user experience issues.

Client Requirements

When we met with Scott and his team, we quickly pieced together an idea of what they were after.

We realised that Tattoo parlours are by their nature an inherently image focused business. Therefore, this meant that when it came to designing the new website, we needed to maintain their uniquelook and feel.

The team at FTC also needed an easier way of updating the website content, as their current system was complex and unnecessarily difficult to use. Furthermore, Scott and his team where deployed on the shop floor, in the middle of a busy central London location, which left little time to update their website or keep their online Tattoo gallery up to date.

The FTC team compensated for the lack of website updates by maintaining an active social media presence and found themselves posting photos to Instagram and other social media accounts directly from the shop floor.

Design, Build and Implementation

When it came to planning the look and feel of the project, we conducted a consultation that involved the analysis of competitor sites within vertical niches. We began with some exploratory research, categorising and ranking sites to find out which design elements the Fulham Tattoo team liked or disliked.

From here, we developed our design ideas further with FTC’s in-house artist Tom, who assisted with some sketch ideas and helped us to reach a consensus regarding the design of the site.

The New Website

You can explore the new FTC website by clicking here

Moving To A New Domain Name

During the build stage of the project, it was also discussed that the team wished to drop from the ‘centre’ part of their name (they were previously Fulham Tattoo Centre) and due to this, they then purchased a new domain name, FulhamTattoo.co.uk.

As the business had been trading for 30 years, the old domain had significant history and had achieved multiple media mentions in the past from publications like The Mirror and News of The World. Furthermore, the site had accrued a relatively high domain authority on the old domain name.

Nevertheless, there were clear long-term benefits to changing the domain name, so we decided to create a redirect on the old one in order to capture any visitors that attempted to click any of the old links that were located around on the internet.

Surprisingly, the potential drawbacks of switching domain name never came to realisation. Instead, the results were almost immediately a significant improvement.

Upon assessing the results of the new website 2 months from launch, organic traffic (search engine clicks) increased from to over 8.5k page views per month, which represents 77% of the business’ total website traffic.

The Results

  • 2.5K unique sessions per month with over 8.5k page views on a 2 month old domain. An increase of over 500% and growing month on month.

  • Over 60 new enquiries generated by the website contact form alone; an increase of over 600% and growing month on month.

  • An increase in the amount of time a user spends on the site, as well as an increase in average pages viewed per session – grown from 2 pages per session to an average of 6.

  • 77% of traffic acquired organically through free, 0 effort methods

Unique Sessions Per Month
Enquiries Per Month
Organic Traffic Acquisition
Monthly Page Views
Pages Per Visit
Increase In Traffic

Client Testimonial and Conclusion

Once we had completed the build, got the site signed off and went live – Scott saw that his newly established website presence had achieved almost immediate results.

We reached out to the Fulham Tattoo team by phone to seek their feedback on the day of launch and they had already received an unprecedented level of new enquiries – it’s safe to say they were thrilled!

Later on that day, Scott and his team where so happy with their new site that he took to the net to personally advocate the Trendjackers team, leaving a glowing Google review and sharing the news of his new site.

“Can’t recommend these boys enough. We’ve had a family business for 40 years and had so many people try and fail to produce us a website we were all happy with over the last 15 years or so!! That was until TJ……rob along with his team managed to do it over and beyond all expectations in less than a week. Literally can’t recommend them Enough, the proofs in the pudding. Also the aftercare and support we received after the build has been second to none, I’ve pestered them at all hours and they have always responded I and done everything I’ve asked within minutes. Thanks guys and will be telling everyone about TJ.” Scott Maclaren, Fulham Tattoo