Office Logic: Part 4

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It’s time for Part 4 of Office Logic, an on-going series of marketing satire and office jokes. This week, we’ll be offering our advice on how to get out of sticky situations with your boss, the perils of clandestine cyber-hackers, buzzwords, and virtual reality. Splendid.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

It’s been a hectic morning at work. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Your inbox is overflowing. Your boss catches you idling and assumes you haven’t done anything all morning. That’s where she’s wrong, you’ve actually been working really hard to find that perfect place to go at lunch. Kudos to you.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

It’s fast approaching your 1 o’clock meeting with the directors. You’re rushing around to get the quarterly report together when disaster strikes. The printer is down. FFS. What is it this time? Paper jam? Ink explosion? Nope. It’s those pesky Russians at it again. Don’t you just hate it when the Russians hack your printer?


Marketing Satire & Jokes

As with any office environment (especially the marketing department), it’s always important to have a list of buzzwords to hand just in case you want to wow a prospective client with a sexy sounding phrase. Luckily for you, your boss has chosen you to find a list of buzzwords for 2018. What an honour.


Marketing Satire & Jokes

It’s show and tell day at the office. Everyone gets to bring in a gadget from home. What do you bring? A fidget spinner, of course. Your colleague, however, brings in his shiny new virtual reality headset. But it soon becomes annoying. Like a secret joke that no one will share with you. Either give me a go on that thing or go away, please.

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