Office Logic: Part 3

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Office Jokes

It’s 4 pm on a Friday. Everyone has been ready for the weekend since Monday. Nobody in the office is actually working. Your boss walks in and asks “Why aren’t you working?”. You’ve run out of excuses that you’ve used before. Sometimes honesty is the best policy.


Office Jokes

Automation seems to be a big part of digital marketing nowadays. So when your boss asks you to cover on reception, you reply with “Can’t we just automate it?”. Why sweat over a task that a robot can take care of? We can automate human interaction by now, surely?


Office Jokes

You’ve been in your new role for just over 8 weeks. Your co-worker turns to you and asks “What do you like best about working here?”. Knowing that you’ve passed your probation period, you give the brutally honest truth that no one else dares say. Did someone say P45?


Office Jokes

In most workplaces, there’s that one person that doesn’t do a lot – but somehow still works there. Most days they just pretend to work. But sometimes, they actually do work. And when they do, you’ll know all about it. You did a thing. Nice one!

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