Office Logic: Part 1

Today marks the beginning of ‘Office Logic’ – a new series of marketing and office satire that we’ll be periodically releasing as part of our ironic take on the marketing world and office work in general. Each sketch is based on our real life (perhaps slightly dramatised) experiences of working with some rather typical, interesting and peculiar characters.


Marketing Jokes

Every office has at least one of them. The person that relentlessly repeats that clich√© catchphrase in an attempt to sound like they actually know what they’re talking about. It’s their solution to almost every problem. But the office wouldn’t be the same without them.


Marketing Jokes

We’ve all been there. It’s your first day at that new job. You’ve shaved. Groomed. Put on your best suit and had about 3 coffees during your morning commute to calm your nerves.

Realising that you need to look your best for your brand new company ID card, you rehearse in your mind a series of “power stances” inherited from a recent TED Talk you saw about about “powerful corporate body language and mindfulness”.


Office Jokes

An office environment typically goes hand-in-hand with a boss that dispels the ideas of their employees, regardless of how good they may be. Poor Gerry, here, is experiencing that very scenario.


Office Jokes

It’s Friday. You’ve been ready to clock off since 9am. You’re packing up your stuff, you’ve text your mates to tell them you’ll be there in an hour when your manager hits you with the killer question. The answer is straight up, it’s a no. What kind of lunatic does overtime on a Friday?

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