Using Tinder As A Recruitment Tool

I recently came across an article that described how New York ad agency ‘Fetch’ used Tinder as a recruitment tool. The unorthodox experiment ended up attracting 270 candidates and the successful employment of one intern.

Surely other agencies could do the same? There was only one way to find out. Using Creative Boom’s top 10 list of creative towns and cities in the UK, I spent 10 days trying to replicate the very same experiment to find guest blog writers.

I set the age preferences to 18-50, both male and female, within a 5-mile radius of the centre of each town and city. I started out in the most obvious of places: London. Within the first few hours, I had accumulated 12 matches who wanted to know more. After a little bit of dialogue, I had 3 potential candidates who expressed an interest in guest blogging – both of whom already had blogging experience.




By the end of the day, I had amassed 21 matches, 6 of whom proactively inquired about the ad. On day two, three, four and five I experienced similar levels of success.

To begin with, I wrote a ‘send to all’ script that I would copy and paste to those who were messaging me asking for more information. It wasn’t long until I had the realisation that this technique wasn’t yielding the best results.

After about day 5 it became obvious that there was a divergence in what motivated people to get involved with guest blogging. A lot of people were driven to inquire about the ad because they thought it was an employment opportunity.

By the end of the experiment, I had collected 84 matches, 31 inquiries and 7 people who had expressed an interest in guest blogging on our site. Maybe next time we’ll run a paid advert?

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