Many marketing strategies can be utilised to connect with your audience. Guerrilla marketing has proven to be one of the most cost effective marketing tactics, especially so in more recent times.

We have collated five of our favourite guerrilla marketing articles that we’ve had the pleasure of reading. Within which, many useful tips and examples are shared that will empower you with the knowledge to properly plan and deploy effective guerrilla marketing campaigns!

  • Eight Tips For Creating A Successful Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

    “There is no one-size-fits-all template for creating a successful guerrilla marketing campaign. Rather, originality is key.” – Forbes Agency Council

    Forbes Agency Council have produced a highly valuable guerrilla marketing article that you can derive a lot of value from. The eight tips that they shared make a lot of sense and are well explained.

    One of the aforementioned tips is “focus on smaller groups”. This has proven to be invaluable when running a guerrilla marketing campaign as focussing on the larger audience can result in a lower chance of creating a connection.

    The article is well worth your time and if you’re going to read any on this list, it should be this one as a successful guerrilla marketing campaign doesn’t happen without these 8 invaluable tips.

  • The Ring – Guerrilla Marketing

    “The latest prank promoting the movie has flown around the Internet at an unprecedented pace and has been viewed more than 200 million times on Facebook since it was posted 24 hours ago.” – Tim Nudd, Adweek

    PR agency Thinkmodo are quite experienced when it comes to creating engaging guerrilla marketing campaigns for Horror movies. Earlier in 2013, the firm created live-action guerrilla prank videos to promote both the The Last Exorcism PT II, as well as the movie remake of Stephen King’s 1974 novel, Carrie.

    The technique of prank marketing, dubbed ‘Prankvertising’ by Tim, typically consists of the use of a hidden camera to capture the humorous reactions of those involved.

    Although Prankvertising can be criticised on one hand for it’s attempt of audience misdirection, overall the campaign can be considered highly successful considering the fact that the video was trending on Facebook for over 24 hours.

  • Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Are Still Relevant in 2017

    “Guerrilla marketing is a fantastic way that ingenuity can beat out big budget advertising.” – Michael Manning, TGDaily

    Michael Manning from TGDaily lists some of the practical ways that almost any business can utilise guerrilla marketing in 2017. His examples include the usage of stickers, giveaways and even graffiti to market your business in a unique and somewhat aggressive manner.

    These guerrilla marketing strategies are certainly more grounded than some of the others mentioned, which can be both a positive and a negative depending on the stance that your business wants to take. Regardless, Michael’s article and the value you can take from it is well worth a read!

  • The Best Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

    “Think about the last time you heard of a business giving away something free — there was likely a line around the door.” – Jeanna Barrett, Hatchbuck

    If you’re looking for some excellent examples of guerrilla marketing that small businesses can utilise, then this article by Jeanna Barrett should be of interest to you.

    Jeanna lists and describes various guerrilla marketing examples including the usage of humorous sandwich boards, smart coasters and attention-grabbing business cards, as well as some other interesting ideas.

    These utilisations of guerrilla marketing could directly apply to your business, or you could use them as inspiration to formulate your own creative tactics from!

  • How Barnum & Bailey Circus alongside the Ringling Bros pioneered early guerrilla marketing techniques

    “The history of the circus parallels the history of advertising itself. Its founder, P.T. Barnum, coined terms like “there is no such thing as bad publicity” and led the circus to be at the forefront of guerrilla marketing and PR before such terms even existed.” – Ilyse Liffreing, Campaign Live

    This coming May, we say goodbye to the Ringling Brothers circus after a historic run of over 146 years. In this article, the author, Ilyse Liffreing makes the case that the circus, as a business, has always been at the forefront of marketing.

    Nevertheless In the end, marketing alone was unable to save the circus, this article, however takes a rose-tinted look back on the dynamic and often sensationalist nature of guerrilla marketing in the entertainment industry.