The Brand Personality Model: A Modern Case Study

  It's been 20 years since Jennifer Aaker published her 1997 study 'Dimensions of brand personality' in the Journal of Marketing Research. Unlike a lot of theoretical marketing concepts born out of the 20th century, Aaker's model has somewhat stood the test of time. So what are the dimensions of brand personality? Put simply, it's a [...]

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Blame Yourself for Echo Chambers on Social Media

Social media has helped to create a more connected, yet disconnected world than ever before. In wake of the political upsets in 2016, it became more apparent that social media companies are partially responsible for creating pockets of polarised echo chambers amongst online communities. So, what is an echo chamber? The term is a metaphorical description [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – January

Facebook Facebook Messenger clones Snapchat functionality New plans announced by Facebook HQ claim that the the future of messenger will be visually focused. In light of the new strategy, Messenger has adopted the much of the functionality of Snapchat. Borrowing the idea of filters, which are now known on messenger as masks. Facebook launches journalism program [...]

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Brand Strategy on Social Media: 6 Things to Consider

Devising your brand strategy on social media is a fundamental part of building profitable, sustainable and meaningful relationships with your audience. Your brand gives your product or service a meaning in the world. It’s a lot more than just a logo or a slogan; your brand may represent a set of values, a promise, a personality, [...]

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How can Pinterest be used for Digital Marketing?

Leveraging various social media platforms for marketing purposes has been a somewhat standard practise for many years now, however some of these networks have proven to be more difficult than others to utilise successfully. If you have a search online, you can find endless amounts of information regarding the other more prominent networks such as Twitter [...]

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How to get Twitter Followers | Our Strategy

Social Media Guru Guy Kawasaki famously said about Twitter, ‘There are two types of users on platform, those who want to know how to get Twitter followers faster, and those that lie’ Considering that we at Trendjackers get quite a bit of value from Twitter as a platform, it's easy to see where Guy is coming [...]

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Will Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Filter Result in Censorship?

Most people would agree that 2016 was an unpredictable year to say the very least. Amongst all the unexpected occurrences, one of the most poignant events, for me, was Facebook’s move to combat ‘fake news’ articles on the social network. In mid-December, the tech giant announced that it would start to filter and censor what they [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – December

Facebook Facebook teams up with 3rd party to flag ‘fake news’ in the News Feed Mark Zuckerberg posted of his intent to ‘take misinformation seriously’ on Facebook. Misinformation or ‘fake news’ has become a hot topic following the US election and this is further compounded by the fact that around 62% of adults get their news [...]

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Finding Guest Bloggers on Tinder

Perhaps the most unorthodox marketing activity I’ve experimented with this year is using Tinder to network with potential guest bloggers. The idea came to me one evening when I was flicking through my Facebook feed. I came across an article from Vice entitled ‘Spies Use Tinder, and It’s as Creepy as You’d Think’. The article described how [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – November

We've rounded up all the latest social media news for November 2016 from the top social media sources. Watch the video below to find out what happened this month in social media: Facebook Facebook for Workplaces launches globally. Chat with colleagues, livestream presentations and even host virtual brainstorming sessions with Facebook Workplaces which aims to be ‘priced competitively’. Will your [...]

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How Facebook is Influencing The U.S. Elections

The world's largest social network has proven to play a big part in the upcoming U.S. general elections. Back in September, Facebook issued a reminder to American citizens urging them to register so that they can place their all-important vote in November. Just the other day, U.S. officials said that Facebook had been responsible for a [...]

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5 Brands Bossing Social Media

  Hefty Who said marketing household products has got to be boring? Hefty made an impression with an unorthodox approach to marketing that made everyday consumables a lot more fun. Hefty use humour as a central part of their marketing strategy, with their #PartyHardMoms campaign seemingly appealing to middle-aged mums who long to relive their teenage [...]

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Monthly Social Media News – September

It can be hard to stay up to date with the latest trends in the ever-changing social media landscape. With the Trendjackers Monthly Social Digest, we aim to roundup the latest social media developments in to one bitesized chunk month on month. Facebook Facebooks launches new teens-only platform Lifestage which aims to appeal primary to a [...]

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Live-Streaming Platforms: Periscope v.s. Facebook Live

Since Meerkat announced that they would be launching the first live-streaming app in February 2015, the live-streaming game has completely changed. Shortly after they made an impressionable debut at SXSW, Meerkat was rapidly superseded by Twitter's live-streaming app Periscope. It became evident that Periscope had snatched market share when they announced that they had amassed 10 million [...]

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Facebook: Pay to Play

It’s not exactly news that Facebook’s levels of reach and engagement have somewhat deteriorated over the years. The increasing volume of content that is being uploaded on a daily basis has prompted the data giants to periodically re-engineer their algorithm. For pages that don't have many likes on Facebook, reaching out to users in a busy news [...]

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