Office Logic: Part 3

THE EXCUSE It's 4 pm on a Friday. Everyone has been ready for the weekend since Monday. Nobody in the office is actually working. Your boss walks in and asks "Why aren't you working?". You've run out of excuses that you've used before. Sometimes honesty is the best policy. AUTOMATION Automation seems to be a big [...]

Office Logic: Part 2

THE DEADLINE You've just been given a big project. It feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The pressure is on. You ask your undemanding boss when the deadline for the project is. He turns to you with a straight face and says: I need this done by 9 am yesterday. THE [...]

Office Logic: Part 1

Today marks the beginning of 'Office Logic' - a new series of marketing and office satire that we'll be periodically releasing as part of our ironic take on the marketing world and office work in general. Each sketch is based on our real life (perhaps slightly dramatised) experiences of working with some rather typical, interesting and [...]