The Brand Personality Model: A Modern Case Study

  It's been 20 years since Jennifer Aaker published her 1997 study 'Dimensions of brand personality' in the Journal of Marketing Research. Unlike a lot of theoretical marketing concepts born out of the 20th century, Aaker's model has somewhat stood the test of time. So what are the dimensions of brand personality? Put simply, it's a [...]

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6 Ways To Monetise Your Online Content

If you publish content of some form online, whether it be via your blog or other means, it’s likely that you have either thought about or attempted to monetise your content. Finding the right monetisation strategy for your business can be a challenge.  However, each tactic has it's own unique advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, due to the variations [...]

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How to Maximise Your Online Presence As A Small Business

If your shop or small business currently has no online presence, or you’re looking to improve the online presence you do have, this guide will help you with the key elements to maximise your reach and customer acquisition. 1. Get a great website (or improve your current one) Your website acts as the center point for [...]

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Breaking Into The U.S Marketplace: Tottenham Hotspur

Football is one of the largest spectator sports in the world and the 2014 FIFA World Cup pays testament to this fact. During the last World Cup, overall viewership of the tournament reached over 3.2 billion people and over 1 billion people tuned in to watch the FIFA World Cup Final. This means that football has [...]

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Brand Strategy on Social Media: 6 Things to Consider

Devising your brand strategy on social media is a fundamental part of building profitable, sustainable and meaningful relationships with your audience. Your brand gives your product or service a meaning in the world. It’s a lot more than just a logo or a slogan; your brand may represent a set of values, a promise, a personality, [...]

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5 Guerrilla Marketing Articles That You Should Read

Guerrilla Marketing, done right, can be incredibly cost-effective and powerful Many marketing strategies can be utilised to connect with your audience. Guerrilla marketing has proven to be one of the most cost effective marketing tactics, especially so in more recent times. We have collated five of our favourite guerrilla marketing articles that we’ve had the pleasure [...]

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What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Defined

Introduction to the term ‘Digital Marketing’ As technology has become more pervasive, traditional marketing strategies have become more outdated as consumers shift their media consumption from general mass media, to more niche and specific channels on outlets such as YouTube. During this shift, around 1990 the term 'Digital Marketing' first emerged. However, it was not until [...]

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The Best Digital Marketing Tools For Your Startup or Small Business

Digital marketing tools to help you run your business. Whether you are a solo-practitioner, a business owner or part of a wider marketing team, you might find it tricky to narrow down the best digital marketing tools for your business. Digital marketing tools can help to save time and improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing [...]

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Finding Guest Bloggers on Tinder

Perhaps the most unorthodox marketing activity I’ve experimented with this year is using Tinder to network with potential guest bloggers. The idea came to me one evening when I was flicking through my Facebook feed. I came across an article from Vice entitled ‘Spies Use Tinder, and It’s as Creepy as You’d Think’. The article described how [...]

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Trendjacking: Redefining a Marketing Buzzword

According to popular belief, the word 'Trendjacking' first surfaced a few years after Twitter’s inception in 2006, driven by the introduction of the hashtag feature. For the first time, hashtags allowed social media users to discover trends that were emerging in real-time. Joining the general conversation while it was happening was something completely new to the [...]

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London Business Show 2016 – 5 Valuable Lessons

Positioning your brand at a business exhibition or trade show can be a daunting task. At an event the size of the London Business Show 2016 which attracts over 10,000 attendees annually, there is increasingly more competition for businesses to cut through the noise in order to successfully reach their intended target market. At Europe’s ‘most [...]

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5 Brands Bossing Social Media

  Hefty Who said marketing household products has got to be boring? Hefty made an impression with an unorthodox approach to marketing that made everyday consumables a lot more fun. Hefty use humour as a central part of their marketing strategy, with their #PartyHardMoms campaign seemingly appealing to middle-aged mums who long to relive their teenage [...]

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What Can Marketers Learn from Donald Trump?

Most people would agree that one of the most extraordinary political events and examples of unique marketing theory in the last couple of years has been the rise of Donald Trump. Since announcing that he would stand for presidency in June 2015, it’s been hard to ignore the media extravaganza that has followed him everywhere throughout [...]

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Live-Streaming Platforms: Periscope v.s. Facebook Live

Since Meerkat announced that they would be launching the first live-streaming app in February 2015, the live-streaming game has completely changed. Shortly after they made an impressionable debut at SXSW, Meerkat was rapidly superseded by Twitter's live-streaming app Periscope. It became evident that Periscope had snatched market share when they announced that they had amassed 10 million [...]

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Facebook: Pay to Play

It’s not exactly news that Facebook’s levels of reach and engagement have somewhat deteriorated over the years. The increasing volume of content that is being uploaded on a daily basis has prompted the data giants to periodically re-engineer their algorithm. For pages that don't have many likes on Facebook, reaching out to users in a busy news [...]

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