The Complete Guide To Marketing In The Cannabis Industry

*Disclaimer: this article is intended to help brand owners and marketers of cannabis-related products such as seeds, CBD, hemp and paraphernalia products. This guide is not for the marketing of the psychoactive substance itself. We do not endorse the distribution of cannabis* Navigating the marketing landscape as a Cannabis brand can be challenging at the best [...]

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Brandjacking: The Best, The Worst & The Funniest Copycat Brands

Copycat brands are just about everywhere nowadays. Walk into a LIDL or Aldi and you'll come across a sh*t tonne of products that look strikingly similar to the well-known high street brands. In fact, their success relies wholly on our familiarity with the original brands. This is known as 'brandjacking'. Brandjacking is an activity whereby someone acquires [...]

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Post Malone & Bud Light: An Influencer Relationship Worth Having

Austin Richard Post, AKA Post Malone has partnered with American beer brand Bud Light as one of their key influencers for 2018. Earlier this year, Bud Light announced that they were teaming up with the American rapper to 'find the best friendships' in their latest ad. "How do you find out your friend is someone you [...]

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The Comprehensive Digital Marketing Guide for Brands and Businesses

Index Branding Website Content Marketing & SEO Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Intro Digital marketing has come a long way and is constantly evolving. New strategies are emerging all the time and it’s hard to track it all, even for esteemed digital marketers. Throughout the years, we have been fortunate enough to experience every element of [...]

Thirst For Change: An Exclusive Interview With Hugh Thomas, The Founder of Ugly Drinks

The sugar conspiracy is real. You'll do well to visit a local shop or supermarket nowadays and pick up a drink that's not full to the brim with sugar or it's nefarious substitute aspartame. And despite the myriad of health problems that are known to come with habitual consumption of sugar, household drink brands have seldom [...]

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Patreon | The Cause Behind The Modern Media Power Shift

Imagine this. You’re a Youtube video creator that has over 200,000 subscribers. You record, edit and publish new videos every day. You’re spending more time producing content than many people spend at their job. In terms of financial income, you’re at the mercy of YouTube (Google) with the ads that are running on your videos. You [...]

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Grime Duo Krept & Konan Open Dessert Restaurant ‘Crepes & Cones’

MOBO Award winning grime duo Krept & Konan, otherwise known as Casyo Johnson & Karl Wilson, just announced the launch of a new dessert restaurant called “Crepes & Cones”, which is set to open in Croydon on May 12th. The announcement made last night via Twitter stated “After working on this for over 2 years I’m [...]

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Pewdiepie’s Razer Headset: An Influencer Marketing Analysis

Back in November of 2017, Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg), announced a new collaboration between himself and video game peripheral company, Razer. Together, they have created a customised version of the already existing Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headset, with a unique color scheme, artwork and decals. There were other changes to the headset, but this article isn’t about [...]

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Could Ramadan 2018 Lead To A Spike In Retail, Travel & Fast Food Sales?

As many of the UK’s four million Muslims start to prepare for the event of Ramadan, new figures have emerged predicting huge economic growth within businesses that cater to an Islamic audiences. Family gatherings, gift-giving and dining with friends are core components of Eid, and in 2018 it appears that brands are starting to catch on [...]

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Strategic Guidelines For Writing Persuasive Ad Copy

According to Smart Insights, the average Click-Through-Rate for online advertising across all ad formats and placements is less than 2% - but this shouldn't come as a surprise to most marketers. Getting people to engage with advertising is harder than ever before, as most of us have a tendency of ignoring adverts that aren't relevant or [...]

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‘It’s Time To Power Your Life Differently’ OVO Energy Advert Analysis

The debate surrounding climate change has become a divisive issue. As activists and deniers battle it out on the world stage, advertisers are beginning to use the public concern of a possible environmental catastrophe to their advantage. Last month, OVO Energy, the UK's largest independent renewable energy supplier released a powerful ad campaign - a one-minute long [...]

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The Best & Worst of TV Licensing Adverts From The Past

It's official. Almost half of UK adults aged 22 to 45 years old don't watch TV anymore. The old guard media is dying. And in its place has risen a new generation of internet-based media. Instead of paying a TV license, many people nowadays opt to make micro-donations to content creators via platforms such as Patreon, [...]

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Indie Game Marketing: An Exclusive Interview With Project Hospital Developer, Oxymoron Games

If you've been following the various videogame media websites lately, you might've seen an article or two written about Project Hospital, an upcoming indie game being developed by new studio Oxymoron Games. I reached out to them to see if they'd be interested in a short interview about their past, present and future marketing plans. [...]

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Cambridge Analytica: A Peek Inside The One-Stop Marketing Shop For Political Campaigns Last week, Facebook had £58bn of shares wiped after allegations involving a third party harvesting and sharing millions of user's personal data. The scandal, uncovered by the investigative team at Channel 4, dealt a huge blow to Facebook, but also shined light on a shady entity known as Cambridge Analytica. Who are Cambridge Analytica? Cambridge Analytica [...]

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10 Masterful Examples of Creative Copywriting in Advertising

For decades now, marketers have known that producing carefully crafted, compelling copywriting has a profound impact on perceptions of their brand. As a creative copywriter, I've always been fascinated by the psychological mechanisms of words, and how they influence and inspire people to think and act in a certain way. In this article, I've curated some of [...]

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How Augmented Reality Will Shape UX Design Back in 1990, Boeing researcher Tom Caudell first coined the term 'Augmented Reality' when he used it to describe a digital display unit that helped airline pilots navigate the skies. Since then, the technology has come a long way. And it's no secret that AR is literally transforming the way we see ourselves and the [...]

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