The Benefits of Pay Monthly Websites

  • The Benefits of Pay Monthly Websites

Pay Monthly Websites have had a bad reputation

Until recently, the idea of paying monthly for a website was absurd due to the consensus that pay monthly websites were low quality.

Companies like Wix and other build it yourself website providers have given the pay monthly website a bad reputation and sadly, it is this bad reputation that stopped a lot of website design agencies from making the switch to the pay monthly website model.

It would seem however, that times are changing. Pay monthly websites are quickly becoming the new industry standard due to the numerous benefits that come with them, one of which is how much more affordable they are!

Massively affordable

When you’re looking to purchase a new website, price will certainly factor into your final decision. Agency fees can be painfully expensive however, so finding the right balance between price and quality can be a challenge.

Pay monthly websites move to alleviate this issue by offering uncompromising, bespoke quality with unparalleled affordability. Why pay a large sum of money that leaves a dent in your business’ bank account, when you could instead pay a small monthly amount?

The pay monthly website model is even more ideal for startups and those looking to take their projects online. With each and every cost having a potential risk tied to it, keeping outgoings low is vitally important at this stage in their business.

With pay monthly websites, businesses are ultimately paying less for a product that offers much more in terms of it’s flexibility. The advantages of outright purchasing an expensive website that will be outdated in 2 years are simply non-existent.

Monthly maintenance and support

Typically included in a pay monthly website package is a set amount of monthly maintenance and support that would otherwise be very costly at agency hourly rates. Gone are the days of paying your hard earned cash to fix some basic text errors or replace some imagery on your website!

In addition to that, almost all pay monthly website packages include website hosting, so that’s one less outgoing cost that you’ll have to worry about.

No contracts involved

Being locked into a fixed-term contract isn’t fun, especially if you’re just trying out a business idea for 6 months to see if it will work!

Some of the agencies offering pay monthly websites operate on a no contract basis. It’s certainly something to look out for if you’re after more financial flexibility!

Bespoke, uncompromising quality

As mentioned earlier in this article, pay monthly websites have developed a bad name for themselves.

However, in reality there are two different types of pay monthly website. These are:

  • Build it yourself websites (Wix, etc)
  • Bespoke Agency Websites (Trendjackers, etc)

We’re referencing the latter in this post. The value of a bespoke website over a build it yourself website is a topic for another article, but most of the time it’s easy to see the visual difference.

One of the major advantages of bespoke websites however, is they allow clients the ultimate level of customisation and quality. Much like a piece of tailored clothing, a bespoke website is designed to fit each respective business both aesthetically and in terms of features.


In our opinion, it’s difficult not to prefer pay monthly websites over their outright purchase counterpart due to the aforementioned benefits of affordability, flexibility and quality. With that being said however, it is still understandable that some businesses will prefer to completely own and manage their website.

For more information on pricing and features, visit our websites page.

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